Door To Door

We pick up your goods, transfers and transports them via air and/or ocean freight (subject to customers’ requests) before distributing them to multiple end-users at destination.


“An airport within a seaport” – extending its services to Port Klang, a major seaport on the country’s west coast.


A one-stop service to clear your cargo from the airport and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


With warehousing space of 40,000 sq ft, MASkargo Logistics also provide a space for rental.

Armed Escort Services

One of our major clienteles has requested to collect their computer parts and equipments worth more than RM 500,000 from a factory in Penang which to be transported to KLIA, where it was later put on a connecting flight to the Middle East country.

Multimodal Transport Operator

Effective from 27 February 2007, MASkargo Logistics has been appointed as a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) for the Malaysian Government by the Ministry of Finance.

Cargo Packing & Build Up Services

This value added services complements customers’ needs for export services to ensure their shipments are commendable according to the airlines or sea vessels space reservation. The services will improve safe transportation as well.

Charter Service

Charter or freighter service are available for customers with exclusive needs to uplift special or dedicated cargo to a specific destination.

Custom Brokerage

Clear your goods through customs and pay all fees in one seamless transaction with MASkargo’s expert customs brokerage services for imports and export requirement.